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Ready to ship - Medium Coffin - 20 piece Nail Set 3

Ready to ship - Medium Coffin - 20 piece Nail Set 3

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The Ready To Ship 20-Piece Press On Nail Sets are one size fits all (fits standard size Small, Medium and Large.) These nail sets are as pictured and no customization is available.

Have your nails done in this design in under 10 minutes with our long lasting, gel, press on nails. 


Nicolour offers you an extensive range of trendy, classic, bold or simple designed press on nails to meet your taste. However, our Ready To Ship Nail Sets are not customizable which means they get to you faster! If you are interested in a custom nail set, please visit our Made To Order Press On nails or contact


All of our nail sets are hand painted and we use super high quality Gel-X nail tips for salon style shape and durability. In addition to this, each nail set is made with 4-6 coats of UV cured gel polish, so our press ons are thicker and more durable. To add additional thickness and strength to your nail set, you can add builder gel to your order. Builder gel, is a hard gel which provides an acrylic-like strength.


Each Ready To Ship 20 piece Nail Set comes with 20 hand painted nails. Every order is supplied with a complimentary prep kit which includes, instructions, nail glue, nail file, cuticle pusher and alcohol wipes.

Ready To Ship Nail Sets ship within 2 Business days. 


You can choose to wear your press on nails for just a few days if applied with our Sticky Tabs Adhesives, or for 1 - 2 weeks when applied with our Nicolour Brush On Nail Glue and maintained.

Press on nails are easily reuseable when applied with Sticky Tabs Adhesives, or carefully removed after being applied with nail glue. 


Visit Our FAQs to learn how to How To Apply & Remove Press On Nails


Please see FAQs for more info about Press On Nail Sizing.

For further customization or questions, contact

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