About Us

As a busy, full time mom of 4 children, it almost seemed impossible to find the time for self-care. In fact, scheduling nail salon appointments and beauty treatments almost felt like a chore and something that would often take hours out of my already busy day.

I started Nails but Nixxie, a luxury, handmade press on nail brand in 2020 to make nails for myself and others. The comfort of being able have salon quality nails from home fit perfectly into my lifestyle and the busy life style of others who were able to reap the benefits of convenience, fun and the time saving of wearing press on nails.

After 4 years of building this brand and serving customers across North America and the UK, I built up a community who relied on me for not just their day to day press on nails but also nails for their baby showers, birthdays and weddings. I wanted to offer my customers more than nails, and in June 2024, I decided to expand and rebrand the company. NICOLOUR was born. The NICOLOUR brand carries the same flair and quality press on nail products that Nails by Nixxie did, but also offers a full hand and nail care range for a more enriched experience.

At NICOLOUR, we believe that even those with the busiest lifestyle shouldn't have to sacrifice skin, hand or nail care. Check out our full range of hand care products. Take care of your hands and nails, you use them everyday!

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